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 June Message

As we head into the month of June and with only a few weeks left in the school year, it seems like a great time to thank the many people and groups who have made this such a successful year at St. Paul School.
Last year was unique because we had to work on-line for much of the year due to the Covid pandemic. This year was different because we had to deal with so many changes. We were working in school and then, suddenly, had to go online at very short notice. Secondly we had classes who, due to close contact with Covid, had to work online, while others were still having classes in person. For us to be so successful with this process we have to thank the triad of school staff, parents and, of course, the kids.
I’d like to start with our staff, all of whom worked tirelessly this year to create positive, exciting and productive learning environments for our students. Our teachers worked hard to do this in difficult times. There were limits to what they could do in class due to covid restrictions. Students had limited opportunities for education beyond the classroom with limited field trips and no co-curricular activities. Even so, classes were able to go on virtual tours such as the grade 1/2 virtual visit to the Calgary School. We were able to have a Gaelic Football day with a coach coming down from Calgary to show the kids the game and give them a different sporting experience.
Our support staff also had to deal with a different situation. They had to connect with kids in school and make sure that, when the class went online, they were there to help while they were at home. Our Pastoral Care Team and front office staff worked tirelessly to work with families in a variety of areas that were new to them. Helping students and parents with technology, connecting with students who were at home and helping families with new online processes were a few of the things that they had to navigate. This was made harder as they also had to sometimes work from home due to when they were in close contact with someone who had Covid.

The St. Paul School community also deserves a big thank you. Parents, grandparents and guardians had to juggle their work needs, helping their kids during a difficult time in their lives and the ability to provide support when both parents and kids had to work from home. Our School Council also needs to be thanked for being there for the community. They were limited by the pandemic as what they could do on a practical basis to support students but when able they pulled out the stops to ensure that kindergarten was able to have the St. Paul bears ready for the Celebration of Learning. They continued to be involved in the Grade 6 Farewell providing the journals and food for the students.

As we head into the summer I would like to thank everyone for everything that they did to make this a very successful year, despite the difficult situation. A special thanks goes to Tina Delinte, our associate principal. I have to thank Tina for her support this year. Tina brought a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas from her years as a school administrator at St. Michael’s School in Pincher Creek. Her long drive to and from work did not seem to dampen her enthusiasm and I am truly grateful for her support.

Enjoy the rest of the school year and I look forward to taking part in the Colour Run and Sports Day as we have been able to adapt the programming to ensure everyone has an enjoyable, but safe day.

-Mr. Muldoon

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