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New Year Message

I hope the holidays were very relaxing for you and your family. Due to the covid pandemic things were very quiet in the Muldoon household. Traditionally we all get together on Christmas Day, exchange presents and finally share a meal together. All of that changed this year as our family, with thousands of others, was unable to get together as in the past. This however is how it should be. We will have other Christmases together, but we need to beat this pandemic and keep each other safe. In Catholic Social Justice we learn of the Greater Good. We have to sacrifice our needs to keep society safe. As part of a community, we have to work together to beat the virus and keep all of us safe. This is especially true for the neediest in our community. The old, the marginalised and poor suffer most from covid. Another part of Catholic Social teaching is the Dignity of the Person. Each person is made in the image of God and we have to ensure that all have the opportunity to live their full potential.

Pope Francis in his new year message expanded on the concept of social justice when he spoke of the sacrifices made by so many at this time. His thoughts were of families “who have lost members, of those who have been sick, of those who have suffered from loneliness and of those who have lost their jobs. He goes on to refer to God as a shepherd who will look after his flock. Further, he mentions the story of the Good Samaritan who finds a man close to death on the road and looks after him. The Samaritan does not ask who the person is or where he is from, he simply knows what he has to do.

The story of the Good Samaritan, Pope Francis says, is important today. He specifically mentions the work done by front line workers, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. These are the people who are on the frontlines, and because of this, “they are always in our prayers and deserve our gratitude…”

Francis also voiced thanks to those “who strive everyday to carry their family and their service to the common good forward in the best way possible.” He went on to mention the public officials who are “detached from private interests and also those of their party” who, “truly seek the good of all starting from the most disadvantaged.”

He mentions that it can be normal to think in terms of self-preservation when a crisis erupts. However we have so many people “.. with no other reward than that of doing good, find the strength to worry about others?” “What drives them to give up something of themselves, of their own comfort, of their time, of their possessions, to give to others?” he asked, explaining that, even if they are unaware of it, “the strength of God pushes them, which is more powerful than our egoisms.”

“For this we give praise to him, because we believe and know that all the good that is done on earth day by day in the end comes from him,” he said, adding that when looking to the future and the new year that awaits, “we again implore: May your mercy always be with us, in you we have hope.”

As we go into the new year we need to stick together as a community and collectively work to  end the pandemic. Once it is over, however, we need to maintain the sense of community to help rebuild our societies, with a specific focus on maintaining Human Dignity and the Greater Good.

-Mr. Muldoon Happy New Year

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